Hannigan hits out at parking costs

Anne Hannigan outside Renfrewshire House

Councillor Anne Hannigan has hit out against the hike in parking fees following the end of the Free for Three scheme.


Free for Three has been of great benefit to Paisley town centre and the new plans while trying to expand to more areas seem to be coming with steep differences in parking charges.

Cllr Hannigan slammed the charges, saying: "I know the SNP consider the free one-hour parking to be a better deal. But the fact is that no one coming into the town for shopping or leisure will be prepared to pay the sudden £4 charge for a second hour.

"The charges should have been set to allow, for example, a £2 charge at most for the second hour. This would provide the council with a 100% jump in charges, and raise the charge to a higher charge for five hours or more for on-street parking, with off-street parking being considerably lower."